Spring Awakening Gallery Show

Something exciting happened this month! I had a piece in my very first art show at ClearStory Arts. Was it fine art? Debatable. Did it sell? No. Am I still pumped? You bet.

Digital print mounted on board, Ode to Jan Davidz de Heem

I drew each floral separately on my iPad Pro in Procreate, then collaged them together using Photoshop. I had it printed 18x24 at Aladdin Printing in Chattanooga (the print quality was amazing), then mounted it to a framed board and sealed it.

Most of the art was done while we were on vacation in Florida, so I couldn't commit to a hand-painted piece. Next time!

Ode to Jan Davidsz de Heem, digital print of floral vase
The piece was inspired by a piece by Jan Davidsz de Heem.
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